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Jewelry Insurance Quotes from Chubb
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How much is your jewelry worth? What about your other collectibles, such as fine art, antiques, silver, china, furs or wine?

Agents Access is proud to recommend insurance from the member insurers of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies for our discerning clientele. Due to sublimits, Homeowners insurance typically isn't enough to replace gold and diamond earrings, necklaces, pendants and other precious gems, jewels and heirlooms if they are ever stolen, lost or damaged. That's why many independent insurance agents recommend Chubb Valuable Articles Insurance. It's remarkably easy to obtain, and provides features not found in other insurance policies.

Broad, all-risk coverage and unsurpassed claims service make Chubb one of the world's leading insurers of valuable articles. Chubb's Masterpiece® Valuable Articles Coverage helps protect your financial investment in jewelry, collectibles, china, crystal, silver, artworks, furs, antiques and virtually any other type of valuable. It offers you:

  • Itemized Coverage. [ + ] 
    Itemized Coverage. [ - ]  With Chubb's agreed value feature, you can essentially settle a covered total loss before it occurs. You and Chubb determine the value up front of each article to be described or itemized on your policy. At the time of a covered total loss, you'll get 100 percent of this itemized value in a cash settlement, all with no deductible or depreciation.
  • 150% Replacement Cost. [ + ] 
    150% Replacement Cost. [ - ]  Chubb's valuable articles policy provides safeguards for items that appreciate. If the market value (before the loss) of an item lost or damaged in a covered loss is greater than the itemized amount listed on the policy, Chubb will pay the market value up to 150% of the itemized coverage amount.
  • Breakage of Fragile Items. [ + ] 
    Breakage of Fragile Items. [ - ]  Breakage of delicate possessions like crystal, china and porcelain may be excluded on your homeowners policy, but with a Masterpiece Valuable Articles policy, you are automatically insured for breakage of fragile items.
  • Lost Items. [ + ] 
    Lost Items. [ - ]  Unlike most homeowners policies that exclude coverage for lost or misplaced items--including what we refer to in our home page video as "mysterious disappearances"--Chubb's valuable articles insurance will automatically insure misplaced items such as an earring that mysteriously disappears from their ear.
  • Worldwide Coverage. [ + ] 
    Worldwide Coverage. [ - ]  Most categories of valuables are automatically insured wherever you take them, and by that we mean anywhere in the world.
  • Pairs, Sets and Parts. [ + ] 
    Pairs, Sets and Parts. [ - ]  If you lose one item of an itemized pair or set and a replacement of that item is unavailable, you can receive the replacement cost of the entire pair or set as your settlement--up to your coverage limits--if you provide us with the remaining pieces. Or, you may choose to keep what remains and receive the replacement cost for the lost item only.
  • Cash Settlement. [ + ] 
    Cash Settlement. [ - ]  Unlike other insurance companies, you are not required to replace itemized valuables in the event of a covered loss. You can choose a cash settlement, or replace your valuables at the dealer of your choice. The decision is yours.
  • Newly Acquired Items. [ + ] 
    Newly Acquired Items. [ - ]  If you already have itemized jewelry or fine art listed on your Chubb policy, and you add a new item to your collection, we've got you insured. Chubb provides automatic coverage for newly acquired similar items for 90 days (up to $50,000 for jewelry and up to 25 percent of the policy limit for fine art).
  • Exceptional Claims Service. [ + ] 
    Exceptional Claims Service. [ - ]  In a recent survey of Chubb customers who reported a claim, more than 97% of respondents said they were "very satisfied" with Chubb claims service.

More Than a Century of Superior Service

When you choose the unsurpassed and innovative jewelry coverage available from Chubb, you will be supported by what many say is the most responsive and professional claims service in the insurance industry. You can count on Chubb's 130+ year history of providing unmatched claim handling. Chubb will respond to your claim quickly, often responding on the day the claim is reported. If you are covered for a loss, Chubb pays it, and typically issues a check within 48 hours of settlement.

You may have heard that some insurance companies try to limit or deny claims rather than pay them. Not Chubb. Chubb treats every customer fairly and with the utmost respect. But don't take our word for it. Forbes magazine has rated Chubb one of America's most admired companies. Chubb assures you of:

  • Quick Response. [ + ] 
    Quick Response. [ - ]  Chubb will strive to respond to your claim in 6 hours or less, either by phone or in person. Chubb will be there to assess the loss and get the claim handling process underway for you. They will also listen to your concerns and will do what can be done to help prevent further damage if possible. This quick response applies even in large-scale disasters such as hurricanes.
  • Quick Payment. [ + ] 
    Quick Payment. [ - ]  For covered losses, Chubb's goal is to agree on a fair and equitable settlement amount as quickly as possible. Once a settlement is reached, they typically issue your check within 48 hours.

Annual valuable articles premiums for jewelry worn regularly can be as little as 1 to 3 percent of its appraised value. Considering the peace of mind it provides, jewelry coverage is an extremely worthwhile investment!

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Apply for Chubb Valuable Articles Insurance Coverage
We recommend a Valuable Articles policy from Chubb, which can give you the piece of mind to wear and enjoy your jewelry anywhere in the world. Subject to underwriting requirements, your jewelry can be insured against most types of loss without a policy deductible. Chubb provides some coverage for your new jewelry purchase, giving you time to contact your agent. And we make it easy by offering one of the most flexible appraisal requirements in the business.
According to the U.S. Department of Justice, nearly $1 billion worth of jewelry is stolen each year. To protect yourself from this risk call us at 1-877-221-0173 today or apply online here:
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